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Before we launched Arum, we'd never used a wick trimmer and a candle snuffer to take care of our scented candles. If our experience is anything to go by, chances are most of you are not using these either. 

When we started pouring our own, we wanted to make sure we took good care of them. We found that it really only takes a little effort to get the most out of your candles.

Long first burn

When you light up you Arum candle for the first time make sure you keep it burning for at least one hour. The whole top layer of the wax will melt and the candle will fill your room with deep, beautiful fragrance.

Trim the wick

Before you relight your scented candle, cut the wick with with a trimmer to get a nice clean flame. Prevent any smoke and also create a little ritual you can enjoy.

Use a snuffer

When you want to extinguish the candle, use a snuffer to prevent the smell of a smoking wick filling the room. Even better, get a nice glass dome to display your candle in. Put the dome on the candle instead of blowing out the flame. The gradual darkening of the room will become the nicest way to say good night.

Scented candles are always best stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. Please note that  Arum candles are made with 100% natural wax and can soften when exposed to direct sun.

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